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Hair Care

  1. Human Hair Care Info.

Human Hair wigs are the premier choice if you want versatility and luxury. Human hair is silky to the touch and can be styled in endless ways. Due to the high demand of quality human hair, human hair wigs are the most expensive type of wig you can buy. This is why it was so important to use the right products and the proper techniques to care for your human hair wigs. Wigs made with human hair can last a long time. However, using the wrong care products or washing techniques can drastically reduce the life expectancy of your human hair wig.


How to Wash A Human Hair Wig?

A. Put the human hair into the warm water (no more than 95 F), and soak the hair;

B. Apply mild shampoo and wash the hair;

C. Rinse the hair in the water;

D. Soak the water with the towel, apply conditioner to the hair and wait for about 3 minutes;

E. Rinse the hair in the clean water. Bring a basin of clean water and rinse the hair again,Squeeze the hair gently;

F. Soak up the hair with the towel;

G. Air dries the hair with opening the weft.


Curly wigs washing tips:

Do not brush your curls;

Comb conditioner through your hair while washing, towel dry and style it with your fingers to prevent frizz.



Synthetic Hair Care Info.

How to Wash Synthetic Hair Wig?

A. Synthetic hair is generally washed 1 time in1-2 months;

B. Cold water or warm water cleaning (not high temperature water), uses general shampoo and hair conditioner to washing;

C. Clean the wig, apply a dry towel, gently absorb the excess moisture on the synthetic hair, then put it in a ventilated place to avoid damage by direct            sunlight;

D. Do not comb the wig immediately after washing. You should wait for the hair to dry before combing;

E. Combing with a special comb for synthetic hair (comb can be sold in our store) can’t be combed with a plastic comb;

F. Curly hair is not using a comb, you can use of the finger to sort it out after you use it.